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Since I have never written about me I hope this will come out looking ok. Not everything will be included of course!

My name is Timothy John Bidleman. I was born (I think I was anyway) at Methodist Hospital, in Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois. I always thought my original birth certificate said St Francis and since I can not find it I will rely on the copy I had to pay to get.

Anyway, I was born in 1964 to Theodore Joseph Bidleman and Judith Ann Eden. Skipping way ahead, I can not tell you much about my father since he has not had much to do with us while growing up. You see, my parents split up when I was still very young. According to what I am told, my father had an accident in the late 60's. He fell head first at Pabst Brewery and did major damage. I am told he has a metal plate in his head.. Since that accident he had made a major change in his personality, according to mother, which led to their split. At least he always paid the child support.

For a short time we were all in foster homes. We, meaning my brothers and sisters. Though I have lost all contact with my foster parents over the many years, they are alway part of me. I know their last name was Heidewald and I do believe the fathers name was Charles. They reside in Peoria, Illinois. I also remember a Paul Heidewald I do believe was their son. Like I said, it has been a long time. After a very short time us boys were removed from foster care from our father. Sometime after that we were back with our mother.

My mother was married to a James King. When we kids were finally all together I personally saw everyone as strangers. I did not know anyone. I was a scared little boy that was taken from really the only parents I really new at the time. That did not last very long. I accepted that this was where I was suppose to be no matter how strange I thought my sister Maura was.

Skipping most of my growing up. I am happily married to the most patient and wonderful woman I have ever met. Anyone would have to be patient to put up with tha many hours I spend at libraries and cemeteries researching my family tree. We met while I was working for Walt Disney World in Florida. I was a sweeper and she was there on a college program taking tickets and selling tickets. I worked at the transportation hub. My Cupid who went by the name of Mr. Morton, who was also on the ticket line helped encourage me to overcome my fear of aproaching her. We became at work friends only. That changed only after she left to go back home to Memphis, TN and we kept in touch as long distant friends through the Post Office. Then she came back. After a courting period on my part, or a stalking period depending on whom you ask, we were eventually married at the Methodist Church on Highland in Memphis Tennessee. Shortly after marriage we moved to Memphis. About 8 years later we had a child and her name is Sarah. She is five now and the spoiled center of our universe.

Shortly before our daughter turned 5 we moved to Auburn, Illinois to be closer to her grandmother Evelyn. Sarah is in kindergarten and grandmother is in a nursing home.

I work for the best inventory audit company I have ever heard of. LBS, Incorporated . They are by far the best in any companies auditing and inventory needs. Check them out.
My wife is a school teacher. Before we moved to Illinois she had a permanent teaching job in Memphis. Now she is searching and working on a substute basis until someone hires her full time.

My web site is not of my own research. Not everything is proven and not everything is conjecture. The family tree information put forth is to help guide you to the truth about your ancestor and is also here in hopes of identifying the mistakes I may have in my information. Email me if you have any inquiries or comments

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