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A listing of all those buried with tombstones in Carter's Chapel Cemetery
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Robert B. & Lillie Uada Leach
Mattie Mae & Jacob House
Mattie Lou and Wylie House
George Simmons
Mamie Ruth & Cody Price House
Clyde H Carter
Clarence S Carter
John E. Carter
Emma M Carter
J. Maxey Carter
Robert D. Carter
James R. Williamson
Amanda Martin Williamson
Emma & J. H. Carter
J. A. Carter
Ola L. House
F. H. House
Joe House
Mary McKinney
Ralph McKinney
A. A. Carter
Mary Frances & T. H. H. Carter
R. S. Carter
James Robert Carter & Tennie Bonds
Frances A. Carter
Henry Andrew Carter
Fannie Carter
Emily & R. M. Carter