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Judgment Letter by Justice Court

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State of Illinois )
: ss In the Justice's Court
County of Sangamon)
Before Fox Crouse, J.P.

Jane Kingsbury )
vs : Forcible entry and detainer
James Nichols )

Whereas the above entitled cause has been set for

hearing on Saturday, August 26th; and whereas the parties Plaintiff and

defendant are desirous of making an amicable settlement of such cause

without trial thereof, it is therefore hereby agreed by and between

such party plaintiff and party defendant that judgement by agreement

may be entered by the above named Justice of the Peace against the

party defendant for possession of the following described premises, to-wit:

Lot numbered seven (7) in Block numbered nine (9) in the

Village of Lowder, in the County of Sangamon and State of Illinois.

And it is hereby further agreed by Jane Kingsbury

plaintiff in such entitled cause that no writ of restitution shall

issue on such judgment until after 10th day of September A.D. 1916.

And it is hereby specially further agreed and understood

that a copy of this agreement shall be filed with the Justice of the Peace

and made a part of the records in such case.

In testimony whereof, the parties hereto have hereunto

and to copies hereof set their hands and seals this 21st day of August,

A.D. 1916.